Structural Concrete

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Specialists In Structural Concrete

When you need to be certain of your structural concrete job, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience. We have successfully completed projects for various industries:

  • The petroleum industry
  • Sugar mills
  • Coal ports
  • Queensland bulk ports
  • Civil works
  • Home renovations
  • Commercial builds

Ralph Builders can provide a full design and construction package to enable you to reduce overall costs and timeframes for your projects. From our initial brief, we are able to develop a far more streamlined concrete structure that delivers real savings to your bottom line.

PLUS, we can deliver complete peace of mind through the provision of a fully certified design by our industry-leading engineers.

Supply and installation of concrete

We can deliver all kinds of concrete including:

  • Off form concrete walls
  • Exposed aggregate concrete slabs
  • Factory concrete slabs
  • Suspended concrete slabs
  • Curved concrete walls
  • Feature concrete stair cases
  • Rail platforms
  • Concrete piers

Our capacity to deliver concrete structures through the use of advanced concrete pumping and placing techniques delivers significant time savings to your projects.


Formwork is a temporary structure used to contain poured concrete and to mould it to the required dimensions and support until the concrete sets. Our modern formwork systems are designed for speed and efficiency and to provide increased accuracy and minimize waste in construction. Formwork solutions to suit a wide variety of construction projects including:

  • Conventional formwork
  • Table formwork
  • Peri formwork
  • Noetop wall formwork
  • Metal deck formwork
  • Cantilevered formwork
  • Core and lift shaft formwork
  • Prefabricated column formwork
  • Modular wall formwork